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We've Got The Power

2021 - (DAY.18VS) - LP

Reissue of the debut album by Red Alert, a true UK streetpunk classic originally released by No Future Records in 1983.

The cover is slightly different from the first edition and the inner sheet contains other previously unpublished photos, all taken in the same photoshoot that were used for the original design.

Reissue limited to 500 copies.



2021 - (DAYVS.19) - 12"

12 Inches vinyl reissue of the historic first demo tape by Dr. Calypso.

Recorded in the summer of 1990 by the most extensive line-up Dr. Calypso has ever had (12 members), it was released shortly after on cassette format.

Two of the four songs that make up this demo appeared in the 1991 compilation "Latin Ska Fiesta" and were the starting shot of a musical career that spawned three decades. The other two songs remained unreleased to date on vinyl (Forever and Ruleta Russa).

The artwork features photos of the group's first formation not published to date and the list of all concerts performed by the group prior to the recording of the demo. It also includes reproductions of some of the posters of these first concerts.

In short, an essential vinyl for all fans of the group and fans of Caribbean rhythms!.


Carry On Oi!

2021 - (DAY.20VS) - LP

Vinyl reissue of this classic Oi! compilation originally released on Secret Records in 1981.

It features tracks by the biggest bands of the genre like: 4 Skins, Blitz, Red Alert, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Infa-Riot or The Business.

This album went straight to number four of the independent charts and became probably the best Oi! compilation ever issued. Includes original artwork inner bag.

Limited Vinyl reissue of 500 copies, 250 black and 250 white vinyl.


Saturday´s Heroes

2020 - (DAY.03VSRP) - LP

Daily Records Vintage Series is back again, this time with the reissue of the second studio LP by The Business originally released in 1985.

Includes lyrics inner bag plus previously unseen pictures of the band.

Limited issue of 500 copies.


Knockouts Party

2020 - (DAYVS.17) - 12"

First time vinyl repress of this obscure demo tape originally issued in 1992 by this ska revival band from Barcelona featuring Skatalà, Dr. Calypso, Estat Precari and Frontpilsen members.

It features 4 stompin’ cuts heavily influenced by the likes of Madness, Bad Manners, Hotknives and early Dexys Midnight Runners.

Includes lyrics insert with lots of previously unseen photos from rehearsals, gigs and photo sessions.

File under scooterist sounds!

Limited reissue of 500 copies (250 black vinyl / 250 red vinyl).


Welcome To The Real World

2020 - (DAY.04VSRP) - LP

New limited repress of the acclaimed third studio album by this London street punk heroes originally issued in 1988 by Link Records, featuring 12 singalong Oi! anthems.

Limited to 250 on black and 250 on clear vinyl.


We Are...The League

2019 - (DAYVS.16) - LP

Limited edition vinyl reissue of the debut album by the Anti-Nowhere League, originally issued on WXYZ Records in 1982!

Despite the obnoxious band’s reputation and the legal persecution that the group suffered due to its obscene lyrics, the album remained No1 for many weeks in the independent charts and it became from its release day an instant UK Punk Rock Classic!


Un De Nou

2019 - (DAYVS.15) - LP

Reissue of the second and last studio album by this pioneering ska and reggae band from Barcelona.

Originally released in 1995 by Al.leluia Records y Capità Swing, this album contains some of their most famous hits such as Dibuix de Una Nova Era (as the album was to be called initially), π-avi Bugia or the alcoholic version of the Israelites, Embolingats.

It includes an inner folder with the lyrics and unpublished graphic material so far.


Still Out Of Order

2018 - (DAYVS.14) - LP

Limited edition vinyl reissue of the classic debut album by Infa-Riot, originally released by Secret Records in 1982.

This album spent four weeks in the UK albums chart, reaching number 42, and is a certified Street Punk classic.

This repress includes lyric inner bag and a full-colour A3 poster!

Limited reissue of 500 copies, 100 of them on yellow vinyl.


Twenty Seven

2018 - (DAYVS.13) - LP

For the first time on vinyl this great album by The Adicts!

Originally released in 1992 on CD format only, it features 18 superb pop-punk tracks in their inimitable style, including such band’s classics as Fuck It Up or Angel. 

Inner Bag with the lyrics included.

Limited reissue of 500 copies, 100 of them on green transparent vinyl.


Original Vol. 1

2018 - (DAYVS.12) - LP

Reissue of the 25th anniversary of the first studio album by this superb ska band from Barcelona with 10 tracks full of Soul, Ska, Reggae and Calypso!

“Original Vol. 1” is without a doubt one of the most influential LPs on the Spanish ska scene ever released and, furthermore, the first step in a long and successful career spanning more than two decades.

Reissued for the first time on vinyl since its original release in 1993 and remastered for the occasion.

Definitely a must for any Ska Revival collector!


A Clockwork Legion

2017 - (DAYVS.11) - LP

Second studio album repress by these clockwork punks formerly known as Major Accident.

This album first issued by Flicknife Records has never been repressed on vinyl since their original release in 1984 and contains 10 magnificent melodic punk-oi! cuts including the tracks Fight To Win and Leaders Of Tomorrow that went straight to the top 20 in the indie hit charts. 

Also includes a fantastic symphony in pure Clockwork Orange film tradition.

Repress made following the original artwork that includes a printed lyrics innerbag. Sure a must for any serious UK 80 ́s punk collector.

Limited issue of 500 copies (100 on clear vinyl).


Fent D'Aquí

2017 - (DAYVS.10) - LP

Reissue on vinyl LP format of the mythical demo tape by Skatalà.

Originally released in 1987 in cassette format, this handful of songs that move between Punk and Ska Revival are already part of the history of Catalan underground music.

Includes 28-page booklet with a history of the band and previously unpublished graphic material.

Edition limited to 800 copies (200 on white vinyl).


1980-81 Complete Studio Collection

2016 - (DAYVS.09) - LP

Ninth installment already of our Vintage Series, this time dedicated to The Business.

We turn our attention to the first formation of the band, including all their studio recordings conducted during 1980 and 1981.

The Business were formed during this period by the ubiquitous Micky Fitz on vocals, Steve Kent on guitar, Martin Smith on bass and Nick Cunningham on drums; the most surprising aspect of this period is the contrast between the usual street-punk sound of some songs as "Suburban Rebels", "No Emotions" or "Richard Lewis" and the much more pop-oriented tunes like the magnificent "Out in the Cold" or "Streets Where you Live" that fall closer to the sound of mod revival bands than other punk- oi! bands of the time.

On A side you will find the 7 tracks that were officially published (on singles and compilation LPs) while the flip side features the band ́s demo recordings.

This release features an inner sleeve with information about all the recording sessions compiled on this album and also previously unseen graphic material.


2015 - (DAYVS.08) - LP

Reissue of this magnificent studio album by Peter And The Test Tube Babies originally released by We Bite Records in 1994 and which is undoubtedly one of their best works.

Includes inner folder with lyrics.

Limited edition of 500 copies (100 on blue vinyl).



2015 - (DAYVS.07) - LP

Reissue of the Chelsea ́s debut studio album originally issued in 1979 on Step-Forward Records. 

A truly 70s UK punk classic available again on vinyl format.

Includes inner bag as the original press.

Limited issue of 500 copies (100 on yellow vinyl).


The Sickest Men In Town

2014 - (DAYVS.06) - LP

Reissue, for the first time on vinyl, of Vicious Rumors' second studio album originally released by Link Records in 1987.

Includes inner folder with the lyrics and unpublished photos.

Limited edition of 500 copies (100 on red vinyl).


Working Class 'Ero

2014 - (DAYVS.05) - LP

Fifth installment of our “Vintage Series” collection, which this time brings us the reissue of the second studio album by the legendary British reggae artist Judge Dread!.

Includes inner folder with liner notes by Mark Brennan.

Limited edition of 500 copies (100 on blue vinyl).


Welcome To The Real World

2014 - (DAYVS.04) - LP

Limited repress of the acclaimed third studio album by this London street punk heroes originally issued in 1988 by Link Records, featuring 12 singalong Oi! anthems.

Limited to 250 on black and 250 on clear vinyl.


Saturday´s Heroes

2013 - (DAYVS.03) - LP

Limnited repress of the second studio LP by The Business originally released in 1985.

Includes lyrics inner bag plus previously unseen pictures of the band.

Limited issue of 500 copies.


For the Love Of Oi!

2013 - (DAYVS.02) - LP

Reissue of the second album of this brilliant punk / oi band! British that, together with The Crack, Vicious Rumors, Condemned 84 or The Business were in charge of maintaining the music and spirit of streetpunk during the second half of the 80s.

Limited edition of 500 copies.


In Search Of...

2009 - (DAYVS.01) - LP

Reissue, for the first time on vinyl, of this classic album of British street punk from the 80s, originally released by Link Records.

Limited edition of 1000 copies (200 on red vinyl).


Live And Loud

2020 - (DAY.015) - LP

Live LP with two of the most prominent bands on the Punk / Oi scene! from Barcelona. Recorded in 2019 and mastered for optimum sound quality.

Co-edition of Daily Records and Mai Morirem Records, limited edition of 500 copies (250 black vinyl / 250 white vinyl).


Borinot Borinot

2016 - (DAY.015) - LP

Special reissue (on the occasion of Record Store Day 2016) of the first album by this pioneering Barcelona ska band that was originally released by Al.leluia Records and Capità Swing in 1993.

In this first LP, Skatalà moved away from the chaotic and rude (as well as endearing) ska-punk sound of their beginnings, to go on to offer a repertoire more based on Jamaican sounds, although always with their particular personal touch.

This own vision made them mix ska revival, roots and dj style, while not forgetting the marked Oi! from its beginnings as can be seen in the very successful version of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" renamed "Oh! Vell Barrabas" on this album.

Also remember that this new version of "Borinot, Borinot" includes an inner sheet with the lyrics and that it has been remastered to give this classic album an added quality that shows us that not only in the United States or the United Kingdom have great albums been billed from ska revival!.


Right Down Your Alley

2014 - (DAY.014) - LP

Second studio LP by this Barcelona band with 12 new songs in their usual mod revival / punk 77 vein.

Always inspired by the great bands of that period, from the Clash to the Undertones, from the Jam to the Chords, but without losing its personal and non-transferable stamp, this album will not disappoint their fans.

Limited edition of 500 copies (100 on white vinyl).


El Regreso De Motorzombis

2012 - (DAY.013) - LP/CD

Motorzombis' first full length in which they reinforce their psycho / rockabilly fundamentals with other tasty musical ingredients, such as horror punk or hard rock, making them sound like a devastating as well as a bastard cocktail formed by Mad Sin, Damned, Misfits , Demented Are Go, Motorhead and Link Wray.

Limited edition of 500 copies.


Sempre Endavant

2013 - (DAY.012) - LP

Last studio album by this iconic spanish Ska band.

14 songs, 100% Dr. Calypso, that is the best praise that can be dedicated to them, after so many years they remain faithful to their sound and their influences that so many of us share, ska, soul, reggae and calypso with their unmistakable stamp.

Limited edition of 500 copies.



2012 - (DAY.011) - 12"

Collaboration of our beloved Motorzombis with the mentalist Luis Pardo.

Packed in a beautiful 12" at 45 revolutions we find 6 great songs, 5 of which sound like magical and mysterious rockabilly impregnated with organ, while to round off the album we have a surprising musical poem dedicated to the great escapist Harry Houdini.

Limited edition of 1000 copies.


The Curse Of Spanish Horror Movies

2009 - (DAY.010) - 7"

Finally, the highly anticipated debut EP of this Barcelona neo-rockabilly / psychobilly band formed by these five addicts to the most primal rock ´n´ roll and gore cinema is now available.

Limited edition of 1000 copies (the first 500 of them on green vinyl) that includes a download coupon.


In My Town

2010 - (DAY.09) - LP/CD

Finally available the first LP by this band from Barcelona that offers us 12 songs, an explosive cocktail of punk, mod revival and powerpop.

Especially recommended for fans of Buzzcocks, Undertones, Romantics or The Jam.

The vinyl edition includes a free download coupon inside, including as bonus tracks 5 songs from their first Ep "My Reason To Live".

Limited edition of 500 LPs (200 white vinyl). 500 CDs.


Over The Top EP

2009 - (DAY.08) - 7"

Split 7 Inches by Crashed Out that offers us two strong cuts of pure streetpunk with elegant hints of bootboy rock and roll and Secret Army that also present two new great songs.

Limited edition of 1000 copies (200 on white vinyl).


Redemption EP

2009 - (DAY.07) - 7"

New recordings by this explosive national streetpunk band that already has two releases behind them. 

Secret Army have recorded for this new EP 4 rabid songs plus a majestic introduction.

Limited edition of 1000 copies (100 in black, 300 in yellow, 300 in transparent, 300 in white).


Blitzinformation EP

2009 - (DAY.06) - 7"

4 new recordings wrapped in an irresistible new-wave design by two of the best current power pop-punk bands 77.

Limited edition of 1000 copies (100 on black vinyl, 900 on orange vinyl).


El Flotar...Se Va A Acabar!

2008 - (DAY.05) - LP/CD

New studio album (2008) by the kings of Barcelona streetpunk, in which they present us with 10 new songs with their unmistakable corrosive and direct style.

Limited edition of 525 copies (100 on transparent vinyl).


My Reason To Live EP

2008 - (DAY.04) - 7"

Debut EP featuring 5 melodic punk rock songs highly influenced by mod revival and power pop.

Highly recommended for fans of Undertones, Boys, Rudi or Carpettes.

Limited edition of 500 copies.


Secret Army

2007 - (DAY.03) - CD

Great melodic streetpunk from Barcelona in the vein of Cock Sparrer, Section 5 or The Crack.

This CD includes his discontinued 10" plus 3 new songs.

Limited edition of 500 copies.


Against The Spirits

2007 - (DAY.02) - 7"

Debut album for this hardcore band from Madrid.

Explosive old school hardcore in the vein of Champion, No Turning Back, Outlast and Walls Of Jericho.

4 songs in a limited edition of 525 copies.


The Bloodfun EP

2007 - (DAY.01) - 12"

12" featuring 5 punchy punk rock tracks with a hard rock influence.

Ideal for fans of Avengers or X as well as Runaways, Rose Tattoo or Girlschool.

Limited edition of 525 copies.


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